Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! – Benchmania

Today’s food and training rocked.


I work up bloated as FUCK from the past two days of cheeseburgers in paradise. So, I took a fucking hint from the scale/my belly… and got my shit together. I ate some meat and vegetables today and it felt great. Life is all about balance, sometimes you need cheeseburgers and beer… and sometimes you need chicken and veggies.

3 eggs
2 cups of kale
1 slice bacon
1/4 an onion

5oz tilapia file
1 giant sweet potato
1 cup brussel sprouts
1/2 slice bacon

6.75oz chicken breast (marinated in tandoori style yogurt)
1 cup mixed greens w/ caesar dressing
1/2 a sweet potato

I had to work all day, so that sucked, but… I did get to train 🙂 🙂 🙂

Week 2, Day 4 – SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Bench: Worked up to 5×5@41K… light days are easy.

Long Pause Bench: 3×3@40K 3 second count

Accessory Work: Superset 3×8, Pendlay Rows 45K (up 5K from last week), Jumping Pull ups (last set, I did negatives, slooowwwww all the way down. Focusing on holding tight toward the bottom because I just can’t seem to get that part working form the ground), Push -ups, and Abs (making up for skipping them yesterday). This was a fun little circuit.


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