Workin hard

Today was our monthly deadline at work so it was high stress mania, detailing a thousand door jambs. I worked all day yesterday to take some of the burden off and thank god I did or it would have been a REAAALYYY long night tonight.

Nutrition was good today. Feeling happy to be sticking to my plans a bit better than I was this weekend. I might do some stretching tonight, I have been pretty stiff and achy in the morning the past few days. I took a couple walks for some active recovery today, but feel like stretching may be due.


After a few rainy mornings, the grass is very green around here and it is just beautiful. 🙂 Not sure I will ever get over these big open skies.

2 eggs
2 slices bacon
1 tiny slice of bread

5oz grilled chicken breast with tandoori marinade
2 cups mixed greens & Caesar dressing
1/2 a sweet potato

6oz chicken breast
big bowl of leftover home made ramen (about 1/2 cup pasta, mushrooms, and onions)

Evening Snack:
not sure yet. Maybe some yogurt or something.


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