Not feeling super talkative at the moment, mostly I am sleepy and need to get to bed, so I am just logging.

Week 3, Day 2 – SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Bench: Worked up to 6×3@45K(100#) and it was super easy! Like as easy as 85# used to be.

Rack Lockouts: 3×2@9RPE – I worked at 52Kilos today, which is a PR on this lift! Super happy with it. Butt came up a smidge on the second set, but I kept it in control on the 3rd. Getting better at keeping it down!

Accessory:  I have been having a little elbow pain, so I kept the accessory short today. This happens when I do too many push-ups and pull ups, so I just skipped them today. I did 4×8 Pendlay rows with 47Kilos – def the most I’ve ever done for rows, so I was happy with it. Then I did some plate raises with the 5k plates to get a little pump.

Wednesday Food Log: 

2 eggs
1 slice sourdough
2 slices bacon

Leftover Pot Roast
Cheese curds

Big ass salad with mushrooms and caeser dressing
Tilapia Filet
Leeks, Green onions
1 glass white wine

Cheese…. yup, just some cheese.

Thursday Food Log: 


2 eggs
1 small potato
1 oz cheddar cheese
onions & leeks

Mashed Potatoes
Chipped beef
2 pieces potato bread
green beans

1 bowl cereal with milk


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.46.10 PM

2 fish fillets
2 cups pasta
garlic alfredo sauce


Snack 2:
1 cup icecream 🙂



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