Weekend!! (and there are still 2 more days!)

This weekend has been so nice so far 🙂 Good hiking, good lifting, good food and Jeff home from his trip! Woo!! No complaints to be found here.

Week 3, Day 3 — SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Squats, Deadlifts & Lunges, MMmmmMmm feelin’ the burn. Ready for some sore bunz tomorrow. Training was very good today, but I am starting to get a little run down in general, I think. Kind of looking forward to the end of the month so that I can rest for a couple days. My lower back has been holding in there, but it’s feeling more and more fatigued every session and I probably need an extra day of rest soon.  Anyway, today was great and I’m not complaining. Lots of fun 🙂

Squats: Worked up to 5×3@92K(203#) This work was at 80% of my max, which means I can wear my belt if I want to (according to the very important notes on my programming, I should not for anything below 80%… which was VERY hard at first). Anyway, I was feeling pretty strong today so I thought I would give it a shot belt-less. I did it and it went great 🙂 This was definitely a belt-less PR for the amount of work it was. I think I did a single at 220# once, but never this much volume. I ended up doing all my sets without my belt and they felt good. My lower back was feeling it by the end, but not in a way I was too concerned about. Anyway I hope all this belt-less work is helping me build a good base for moving into higher percentages next month.

Daaaamn look at that nice tight set up 🙂

and some nice tight squats too!

Deadlifts: Light day on deadlifts. Worked up to 8×1@97K(215#) These were a little annoying today. I think I was just kind of tired after squatting and not in the mood to deadlift or something. I was having a hard time feeling motivated. But, I sucked it up and I did my damn work. Everything was good in the end.

Bubba wanted to show me some tricks about deadlifting.

Accessory Work Outside: Superset, 3 sets, Lunges & Abs – 60 walking lunges, 15 leg raises These felt great. I really have been enjoying doing my accessory stuff outside, and I think the lunges are doing my butt well! Also, as I did leg raises for the first time in probably 3 years… I realized “HOLY SHIT MY ABS ARE GETTING STRONG! THESE AREN’T THE WORST THING EVER” (until around #13… then they start sucking)

Food Log – Friday

Friday was rest day, I just did an easy hike with the dogs 🙂 It was super awesome!

1 egg in olive oil
1 cup cream of the west with Butter, honey & milk

1 banana
1 cup greek yogurt

3oz fish
3 tortillas
mayo & sriracha
buckets of home made Pico-de-gallo

I crossed a rived via log while hiking

Post-Hiking Dinner:
1.5 cups rice w/ butter
6oz fish

1 bowl icecream

Food Log – Saturday


A dog tantalizing 2 eggs & 2 slices bacon
1 cup cream of the west with Butter, honey & milk

1 banana

8.5oz fish
3 tortillas
1 cup rice
mayo & sriracha


6oz beer-can chicken made by my manly man! ❤
1/4 cup rice

1.2 icecream OR scotch… haven’t decided yet.


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