Bring on the Bodybuilder Diet!

After much thought over the past 3 weeks of seeing my calorie/exercise counting fail to do shit I have decided I need to adopt a new strategy. You see, I am super smart and tricky — And even thought my endless tracking on the LoseIt app was working for 3 weeks, I have since learned how to subtly manipulate everything I log juuuuust enough to have me eating at maintenance again (Even though it thinks I’m on track). Given the numbers, sure it would appear I will hit my goal by July 10th, but given my track record for the past 3-4 weeks, that’s just not true now is it?

I had an “Oh shit” moment today and realized nationals are getting close and if I want to lose this weight without doing a ridiculous water cut (which I do), I actually need to start TRYING and stop fucking around and lying to myself. I have about 7 weeks until Nationals, and about 7 pounds to lose, so it’s time to break out the old food scale and tupperware again! I can’t lie, some part of me always enjoys this, it’s just not a very sustainable way for me to live long term. But a tiny 500 calorie cut for 7 weeks, no, big deal.

1650-1850 calories a day, 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat. (or close to those percentages anyway) – 4 meals a day, that nets out to around 3oz protein, 1 cup carbs, veggies, and some accessory fats. I am not doing calorie/carb cycling anymore (as I have been the past 6 weeks, because I am going too crazy on my lifting days and not actually hitting a deficit overall… just gonna base things off my TDEE (2100 -2200) and try to keep an even daily intake.

Food Quality
Bulk of my food will consist of, eggs, chicken, ground beef, fish, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, oatmeal, rice, chickpeas, potatoes, sweet-potatoes, butter, olive oil, and 3-5 servings of vegetables/fruit a day.

If you see my posting any sugary, cheesy, or alcoholic foods/drinks before nationals (other then when my mom is in town… I will have fun with her!) do me a favor and send me nasty comments 🙂


Progress picture: taken 5/26/2014 weighing 165# while bloated with PMS and Mac-n-cheese


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