Thursday Food Log & Training

Today was mostly consumed by work, but thus is life on the weekdays. I ended up working late, but no big deal, I got my primary work in, hit a little PR, and stuck to my nutrition goals 🙂

Also, I got a new dress and new shoes in the mail — Good day! SUMMATIME IS ALMOST HERE!

Week 4, Day 2 – SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Bench: Worked up to 7×2@85% – 47Kilos(103#). This was a big time volume PR and a very easy one at that! I don’t think I’ve ever done work over 100# other then when I ran smolov Jr. Either way, this was a smooth easy session and I am looking forward to making some nice gains by Nationals, I think.

Rack Lockouts: Today I got to work up to a heavy 1-3RM on my rack lockouts. Weee! I’ve been doing these all month, adding more and more weight – I think I started with 47K for 3×3. When I first started training with SSPT, I had never done these and could barely do 42Kilos and it was HARRRDDDD. Today I hit 53Kilos for an easy double and then 56Kilos for a single! My current bench PR is 55kilos, so it made me very happy to hit weight over my max on these 🙂 This is honestly the most I think I have ever had over my chest!! So exciting.

I had to get to work so I didn’t get to do my accessory work today. I was OK with this after heavy benching though.

Food Log:


2 eggs poached
1 cup cream of the west w/ 1tsp butter, 1tsp honey, 1tbsp milk

4oz tilapia filet
1 cup edemame
handful baby carrots
1 tsp olive oil

1 cup cottage cheese
1 banana

Chicken Leg & Thigh
1 cup cole slaw
1 cup cream of the west w/ 1tsp butter, 1 tsp honey, 1 tbsp milk.


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