Schedule Switch-up

I got a message from my tattoo artist that I could move my appointment up to tomorrow, so I am doing that. Because of that, that means I got to squat today! Much more fun then resting ūüėČ I can rest all day tomorrow while getting stabbed in the arm a million times for 8 hours.

Week 4, Day 3 — SSPT Training Raw Nationals.

Squat:¬†Worked up to 6×3@92K(203#), 80%. Belt-free. These felt pretty good today. Probably another beltless PR. I am very happy with how easy this weight is currently feeling. After a lot of comments about my “squat-mornings” on reddit today, I thought I should focus¬†my head around¬†that today. I did. It went well for the most part, usually the first and second rep were better, but the third would kind of fall out of the slot. Either way, I did remember how much tucking my elbows under the bar helps with that and I need to keep that in mind moving forward next month.

Deadlifts:¬†Worked up to¬†8×1@105K(231#), 70% (or something like that) Easy breezy!

Skipped accessory, opting to do it next week when I am¬†on back off week,¬†and will be bored looking for little things to do with my body. I will also be doing Sunday’s bench day later next week rather than tomorrow morning before my tattoo. I have a feeling a big shoulder pump isn’t going to be good for tattooing my arm.

Friday Food Log

Diet was good today. Stuck to my calories and macros well.


2 eggs
1 large slice of whole wheat sourdough bread. (made from with wild Montana yeast starter that Jeff and I made!)

1 cup cottage cheese
1 large slice of sourdough bread w/ butter & honey

2 pieces low fat string cheese
1 large pickle
1 can of mushrooms


6oz ground chuck roast, burger
1 bun
onions, lettuce
tiny bit of mayo
3 strawberries

1 cup greek yogurt
1/2 cup blueberries
2 tbsp oats


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