Tattoos & Rest Week

Hey Blog, Long time no see! Well, it’s rest week here at The Wicker Pig Lifting Saloon, so I haven’t had much to report. I got a new tattoo on Saturday. It is absolutely beautiful and I am obsessed with it.

The artwork, and tattoo, were both done by Ian Caroppol, at Blaque Owl in Missoula. He did such an absolutely amazing job on it. I am sooooo happy with the work.


Since getting the tattoo, my interest in drawing has been re-sparked and I have been drawing up a storm (A nice thing to do on rest week).


Diet is going well, sticking to my goals and not having issues. Going on some walks, but trying to keep my arm out of the sun generally.

I begin training again next Tuesday, so I will probably be kind of distant until then 🙂

In the mean time, here’s what I’ve been doing while not training!

My Drawings

A fish for Ian (my tattoo artist), as a thank you for his wonderful work


An owl for Megan

A whale for Cara

A mandala for Rupa

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