Holy Moly… where did I go?

Well I got sent to Brooklyn for a couple weeks for work, so I have been very busy and just not really near my computer.

Training is going well, hitting all my numbers, feeling strong, and loving every minute of it. I have also been drawing like a mad woman lately. Basically, it’s all I want to do these days. Lift weights, Eat, Draw, and get tattoos… I may have gotten another tattoo while I’ve been MIA as well (I might have a problem…)  ::sigh::

Anyway I am super sleepy, so I am not going to write much… basically just writing so that I can try to get myself back on track.


A couple highlights since I don’t wanna type it all out right now.

8×1 deadlifts at 260#

6×3 bench @ 100#,


6x2squats at 210# (no belt)

Things are feeling great and I’ve been loving lifting with all my old friends 🙂 I will start posting more consistently soon. I just need to get back to Montana!!



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