Fat & Strong

Heyooooo, still chillin with my mom lately. So, posting is sporadic. I’m very excited for life to return to normal soon, but I am also loving every minute of my vacation time with my mom 🙂

We went up to Glacier National Park yesterday and had a wonderful time sight seeing, fishing, drinking beer, and eating FAR too much food.

I am SO FAR over my fucking weight class right now that it’s scary… but I am hoping it’s mostly just water weight from my period and a week of shitty eating and drinking.

I decided that I need to get back to healthy eating (starting TODAY) and drinking only water. I think that I will get closer to the 158# I need, quickly, if I do that. 3 weeks is enough time to cut 10# right? ugh. My slow and steady plan really didn’t work, I wasn’t expecting all this traveling and vacationy stuff… Oh well, I’m enjoying my life and I can’t complain. I made my choices and I am totally OK with them.

Training, on the other hand, is… amazing. I am getting STRONG. I can feel PRs on all lifts deep in my bones.

Tuesday I hit some heavy deadlifts: 5×1@275# then 3×1@250# all very easy.


I also did some speedy light squats at 203# It’s amazing how easy 200# is feeling these days… like how 135 used to feel. I love it.

Yesterday, I benched 7 singles at 90% – 110#. These were SO EASY and smooth and just perfect. By my 7th set I decided to do a rep out for fun. I hit SEVEN REPS. Which means… 120# is prooobably not my max anymore. I can not wait to test. I just hope the weight cut doesn’t effect this too much.

I have started training with some SERIOUS mental focus. I can feel my body hitting all the points it needs to, and head getting psyched up to compete. It rocks. I am lifting like a motha fucking robot and it feels great!! CAN’T WAIT TO PUT ALL THIS TRAINING TO GOOD USE AT NATIONALS!!! AHHHH!!!


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