Home from Italy!! Ready for Nationals!!! (7 days)

Heyoooo so, life got nuts again. After my mom left, I thought it was time to calm down and snuggle up with Jeff for some relaxing stress free times before nationals, but I was wrong.

My boss called me Monday and said “I need you in Italy by tomorrow night for a meeting” so…that’s what happened. I jumped on the first plane out of Missoula, and I made my way to Italy. It was a LOT of flying.

The trip was great, but it was hectic, and being surrounded by the most amazing home made pastas and charcuterie ever (in addition to lots of stress) did not help me cut weight at all.

That said…. I did get to hang out in Verona, Italy for a few days, so that was absolutely awesome and I won’t complain about being lucky enough to have that be an accidental/unexpected part of my life! So beautiful!

#verona #piazza #veronacity #architecture #worklife #italy

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Oh man! Heaven! #Italy

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#verona #veronacity #architecture #italy #arch

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Plus… I got a new tattoo while I was there! A little mandala flower with an eyeball in the middle. On my right wrist 🙂 I love it.

Weight Cut

I returned to Missoula late Friday night and decided to re-schedule my flights to Denver so that I can compete in the 84K weight class (or whatever it is… something like 25# heavier than I am haha!). Yes, I COULD cut down to 72Kilos (it’s only 4 pounds after all) but I’m pretty sure there is no way in hell I would perform well and it just doesn’t sound fun right now. I just want to go lift and not be all stressed out about that. The thought of focusing on cutting weight after the past two months of traveling and running around like a mad woman is just too much for me. I want to just go, lift some heavy shit, and enjoy myself. And that’s what I am planning to do!

So yeah… BIG AND STRONG! HELL YES! I am actually SUPER psyched to not be cutting and even though I will likely be the weakest girl in my weight class, I am so happy to be there. I will feel GOOD on the platform! That is super important to me right now. Plus, I can eat icecream if I want before competing! Hell yes.


Oh yeah also…. when I got back from Italy, I found that my husband has turned vegan on me! #whichisfuckinginsane!!! This was a VERY big surprise to me, but a very interesting one as well. He explained his new dietary goals as “Vegan, plus organic locally farmed meats every once in a while”… which is actually an AWESOME sounding diet if you ask me. I have been eating this way with him since returning form Italy and we’ve been enjoying the HUGE amount of fruits and vegetables required to live on vegetables alone. It feels great honestly and I’m looking forward to experimenting with this for a while. Finding good proteins will be a fun game. I’ll probably be eating a bit more meat than he will since I’m training (and he’s injured so he can’t). But, I really like eating an inordinate amount of veggies every day, and I also like the idea of not eating a bunch of bullshit meat. Either way, it should be fun! Lots of smoothies, green juices, and fruity oatmeal 🙂 Nommmmm.


Training has been great! Mostly resting up for Nationals really, but I did push my bench a bit today for my final volume session and I nailed a 127# single FIVE TIMES. I feel pretty great about that as it is a 7# PR and hitting it so many times means it is not a fluke! Looking forward to hitting that at the meet, and maybe if things are going well, 60K (holy moly). I can feel myself finally closing in on the 135# benchpress after all these years. I honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to bench as much as I am lately, it has been a huge struggle. But I am SO HAPPY to be where I am (even if it’s embarrassingly light compared to other lifters my size)

Squats were good today too. I hit 92% for singles without my belt. This is my last heavy squat day before the meet (and a beltless PR!).

Sorry for the long confusing rambling post. I’m just trying to get all these feels and thinks out of my head and into my blog as quickly as possible! I will try to post more often before the competition 🙂

9 thoughts on “Home from Italy!! Ready for Nationals!!! (7 days)

  1. lots of good reading here. nice lifts, especially the squats. depth does not seem to be an issue for you. 🙂

    italy is great (depending on where you go, of course). if you are interested, I can really recommend to read up a little bit on the formation of the italian state and garibaldi (the notion of an italian state is somewhat different to other places).

    as for the diet part: excluding or minimizing meat is environmentally and ethically great. if you put thought into it, as I am sure you guys are, it will be a great ride.

    • Thank you! Squatting deep has been a big focus in my training over the past 6 months, so I am happy to be where I am! That depth did not come without hard work!!

      I am excited about the diet. I used to be 100% vegan (for a couple years) and enjoyed it a lot. That said I have come to terms with eating animal protein and am happy to have it as an occasional part of my diet.

      • I’m sure the effort behind that isn’t something to scoff at. good job.

        I was a vegetarian for 13 years, from time to time with a vegan ambition that I did not hold true to in the long run. been eating dead animals for almost three years now. the body seem to like it. 🙂

  2. I’m going to Italy next month and I can’t wait. I can’t believe I’ve lived so close for 2.5 years and not been. Blasphemy.

    It must be a relief not to have to cut weight. That shiz is not fun.

    • It really is amazing there! You will love it. THE FOOD IT OUT OF CONTROL!!!! SOOOOO GOOD.

      Yeah cutting is no fun. Also, I just don’t feel worth it. I don’t know why you are cutting as much as you are right now… seems insane to me!

      • Sadly, I think they are trying to change the weight categories for strongwoman over here as the last few comps have been out of the norm. Up until now, it’s always been under and over 75kg, but now they’re doing under 70, under 65 and even under 63 at the next few comps! I’m not even bothering trying for those last two. There’s no way I can be competitive enough in the opens division – I’d be up against one of my training partners who, for example, weighs 110kg and can squat 170kg. And she’s not even the best in the UK.

        I’m using this as kind of an experiment. If it’s totally awful and I lose a lot of strength, I might just have to switch to powerlifting!

    • Haha that’s exactly what happened to me! I was always very happily below 75Kilos (recently bulked up right to the edge of the weight class). Then as soon as I get heavy enough, they just switched the weight class to 72Kilos!! Now I am too heavy… And this 6 extra pounds is no joke to lose haha!

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