Feeling Grateful

Am I really leaving in 2 days? So crazy. Feels like yesterday that I was flying out to Alaska!

I am so incredibly pumped to compete though. I can’t wait to get to Denver and see all my friends and teammates. Looking forward to cheering them on for a couple days before I take the platform on Sunday.

I got my game plan from my coach today, I spent some time talking about goals and attempts with my friend/teammate Ross (who is handling me during competition), I did my last light lifting session, I packed up my lifting gear…. and I am ready to go!

It’s pretty crazy to think that when I moved to Montana in December I had no plans to compete this year. After moving, I was pretty damn confused about my training, kinda scared to be working out alone in my basement, and very nervous about if I would be seeing any gains at all without my awesome lifting partners in Brooklyn. Since then however, I feel I’ve really focused up and made some great improvements to my training style (though I obviously miss all my lifting friends from Brooklyn, a lot). Lonely or not though things have been great since moving into my basement and joining team SSPT… I’ve added 35 pounds to my total, I’ve made dozens of awesome friends across the country, and am getting ready for my second competition this year! Training by myself has actually got me soooooo much more consistent and focused in my training. I am loving it all, and more than anything I am loving working with my coach, Matt Gary. He’s an absolutely awesome guy and puts such an amazing positive vibe out about everything. There is no stress about anything and he’s always ready to see the positive in any situation, and willing to talk me through any worries or concerns I have (and trust me I have had MANY… injuries, first time competing in years, traveling alone for competitions… etc.) He is just wonderful and never makes me feel any less important than one of his rockstar lifters. Since I’ve been working with him, I’m not stressed about my lifting, I’m not worried about my programming… I’m just working hard, and having FUN! Plus, I’m seeing great progress! I really can’t speak highly enough about him, team SSPT, and everything that they do for me.

So happy to be lifting as a part of their team this weekend 🙂

Anyway, I may or may not post again before I compete but I will definitely let ya’ll know how it goes!



8 thoughts on “Feeling Grateful

  1. Good luck and have fuuuun!

    Gah, reading this reminds me I really should get out to SSPT sometime, they’re not that far from me.

      • Perhaps in September after this travel team season is over I’ll do it! Its too far without a car to train there regularly, but I’d like to at least check it out!

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