Deload Update

So, not much going on since Nationals. I have been deloading for a couple weeks, so just relaxing, enjoying the nice weather, and digging into some good ol Montana summertime fun 🙂 It’s been great! That said, I am SOOOOO excited to start lifting regularly again this week. I can’t wait to get my training block form my coach.


I cleaned up my gym the other day. FELT SO GOOD! Pretty exciting to have it all clean and sparkly again 🙂

Here are some training videos from a week of fucking around with light weights in the gym… nothing really too exciting but fun to play around with weird accessory movements and stuff.

USAPL Montana!!

In other news, I’ve started a facebook group for Montana Powerlifting and have started organizing what will be the first USAPL Montana meet in years! I am pretty damn excited! Within 30 minutes of suggesting the idea to the group, I had offers from local CrossFit boxes for hosting the event, offers from neighboring USAPL members for equipment, and lots of personal messages from people looking to compete! I have set a tentative date for November 8th and will let you all know more when things are solidified. I AM PRETTY PSYCHED (as you might imagine)! I can’t believe how awesome the powerlifting community is… all you need to do is ask for help and dozens of people jump out of nowhere to help out 🙂


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