Back to Training! & Soylent

Back under the barbell this week! Super psyched to be training again, though I am sore as FUCK from all the volume I’m doing. Oof. Walking, getting out of bed, and sitting on the toilette have never been so difficult, haha!

Straight-flexin, pumped up, duck-faced selfie! 

Training for Dec 6th, Sunshine State Powerlifting Competition 

August, Week 1 Day 1: 

Squats: Worked up to 4×8 @ 75K (165#) – This was super duper easy, but I had a hella quad pump by the end of it. I worked on keeping my chest up high and my abs tight and activated the whole time

Deadlifts: Worked up 15 very easy singles at 95K(210#) – focused on big lats, and improving my grip strength by doing all the work with a double overhand grip. I decided that since I am so impressed by lifters (and attracted to men) who lift with a double overhand grip in competition, that I should try and train to be that awesome too. We’ll see how far I can take it 🙂

Accessory: 2×16 (8 each leg) walking lunges. 2×8 ab wheel (abs were fried from weighted ab work on Saturday so I kept this light and simple)

August, Week 1 Day 2:

Bench: This was like the volume day from hell. SO MUCH WORK. I was burnt after my first 3 work sets and still had a zillion more to do!

Towel Press: 3×3@45K, 8.5RPE. My arms were so fried after benching that I could barely do this and was wining and moaning about it the whole time. Also, it was the first time I’ve ever done this exercise so there was a little bit of a learning curve to get over as well. I MAY have gotten pinned under the bar on my first set. Womp womp.

Accessory: 3×3@pull ups (with a little jump at the bottom… gotta get rid of that thing!)
2×8 overhead press with just the bar…. couldn’t handle any more. Arms were busting out of skin at this point.

Diet & Nutrition

So… After an AMAZING couple weeks of eating an abundance of fresh produce, locally raised meat, and delicious Philipsburg local fare, my husband and I got our shipment of … Soylent. Do you know about this?

Well, it’s basically powdered food… space-food if you will. My husband is SUPER into it – he doesn’t really like eating food or cooking (other than making bread), so he is having a blast. He’s even managed to lose five pounds since he’s switched over (which he is excited about).

I thought I might as well give it a shot for a week to see what I thought. I’m about 5 days in and NOT loving it. I’ve only been doing 2 meals a day with it and I am basically going insane wanting to eat everything in the world now. I am having some sort of “real food” withdrawal, and I hate it. I decided today that today would be my last day of trying to make it my primary source of food… I’m just not into it.

I can see why people would like it, and if I was a bodybuilder, a poor college student, or if I didn’t have the luxury of working directly next to my amazing kitchen, I would be ALL ABOUT IT. It’s pretty decent for macro’s, it’s got all the required vitamins and minerals, and it doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s honestly a pretty good choice for situations when there isn’t a healthy food option available.  But, personally, I think it’s pretty lame to eat the same thing for every meal. For someone who LOVES cooking and eating, it just doesn’t make sense. My life is more awesome when I am making extravagant meals three times a day 😉

So yeah, anyway, that’s that. I’m going to go back to my veggie loaded, home-made, lifestyle tomorrow and I’ll only drink this space-food on days that I am in a rush and can’t find time to cook.

P.S. I made 10 pounds of sausages last week with a lot of the pork I butchered. It rocked.


8 thoughts on “Back to Training! & Soylent

  1. Do you by any chance have a list of ingredients? All their website wants to tell me is that it contains all the necessary nutrients and has allergens like soy, fish, and gluten; however, I can’t find a list of what is actually in it. Just curious.

    • I will try to take a picture of the back of the Soylent bag. Though I’m sure you can find it online easily.

      I actually only took Soylent for a day or two — I was using Space Nutrient Station’s version of powdered food for most of the week (and a couple weeks before too). I like their list of ingredients more… much less processed. The problem with their product however, is that the lower carb/ higher protein ones (which have better macros) aren’t very tasty. The regular low protein version of Space Nutrient Station’s 100% food is really good though, but would need to be supplemented with more protein for a lifter. Soylent tastes pretty OK and has OK macros… but it is more processed.

      • Yeah, I get it – and definitely see its uses and how it could come in handy especially in food emergencies. I’m slightly skeptical about the “healthy, quick, cheap alternative to cooking your own food.” The whole “never have to eat real food again” kind of bothers me on a fundamental level. I understand that I am exactly who this product is NOT marketed to- but it just seems weird to me. It’s interesting to see your take on it.

      • Agreed! This product is definitely not marketed for us fitness people, and it would have to live up to a whole other level of skepticism if it was I think. But, I do think it makes for a pretty handy tool to have around, and I don’t think it would be too crazy to see it evolving into something that is much more fitness friendly. I feel like a bodybuilders’ version is right around the corner… it’s basically a way simpler/easier version of the chicken and rice 6x/day concept.

      • Yeahhh but at the same point I LOVE eating my chicken rice and hot sauce with broccoli. It’s so good. There is something about chewing your food and eating solid food that is really satisfying.

      • Haha yeah, I am all about chewing. But Jeff claims to LOVE this, and gets excited for his pancake batter meals… so, to each their own I suppose.

  2. I’ve been watching Soylent and it freaks me out….especially so since the guy who is behind it has no scientific or nutritional background whatsoever. And….vitamins, minerals etc are closely linked and perfectly balanced in real food and taking them out, pulling them apart and then putting them back in a powder form doesn’t mimic real food closely enough for me.

    Your weigh lifting and commitment to your sport is impressive and inspiring, my friend!

    • The guy who is behind it is the CEO, I wouldn’t expect him to be a nutritionist, and I don’t think he is claiming to be. While he DID start the company experimenting with different blends of food on himself, he is just running a business at this point (one which works with PHD level nutritionists from what I understand). I personally think the business is a pretty good idea and there is no reason why someone shouldn’t be making some sort of food replacement. I have a few friends who have been living on the stuff for months and they seem to be perfectly healthy and happy… so far. I imagine the product will get better with time as well. This is only the first version.

      All that said, I completely agree with you. I firmly believe that real food is always going to be better for you (… I say that assuming you aren’t eating fast food for every meal of the day haha). I had many a looooong conversation with Jeff about this, and this is why I wasn’t switching to it for 3 meals a day. Also, this is the same reason I don’t take vitamins or anything like that — I just feel like I should find the nutrients I need from natural sources.

      And thank you! I don’t know when I became such an athlete, with a commitment to a sport (so weird, considering I was the biggest art nerd ever up until about 3 years ago)… but I totally am these days.

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