Big Ol’ Update

Bleh, I am super behind on posting… yada yada… life is busy, ya know. Blogging got pushed back to the side. 

So yeah… big list of updates 🙂 

Montana Powerlifting 

…is ON! We have a venue! We have a rack. We have a bar. We have weights! I’ve been nominated for state chair (fingers crossed it goes through)! We just need some refs and spotters at this point. So… if you are a ref in the area (or want to visit Montana!) and you’re reading this, shoot me a message!

November 8th 2014 at CrossFit Helena, in Helena, Montana. Mark your calendars! Registration information will be going around soon. 


…has been DELICIOUS! Super happy to be back to normal solid foods 😉 So many delicious tacos and so much fruit ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ YESS


…has been rockin! I’m finally getting acclimated to all the volume, but it suuuucked for a little while. Starting to not be sore every day, but Ooof! Last week was BRUTAL! 

Saturday, Week 1, Day 3

Squats: Worked up to 8×4@87K (191#) and it was terrible. I had a minor hangover and had been up late and juuuuuust wanted to die this entire session. But… I did it anyway. 

Deficit Deadlifts: 4×3@105K (231#) These were better than I expected, but still not a movement I am very comfortable yet. I anticipate they will get better with a few weeks practice. (I realize, right now, that this was actually next week’s work… pshhhh… woops) 

Sunday, Week 1, Day 4 

Bench: Worked up to 6×6@40K (88#) and it was VERY easy. (A little extra sleep makes all the difference!)  

Overhead Press: 3×8@25K (55#) Heyooooo I haven’t done these for real in a long time! Welcome back to my life OHP!

Accessory: ‘Shish-kabob’ Rows 3×8 each arm with 10k on the end

Wednesday, Week 2, Day 3

I had to drive up to the border of Canada on Tuesday, so training got pushed back. Just couldn’t convince myself that I should lift after all that driving!

Squats: Worked up to 4×8@80K (191#) Beltless. Easy breasssyyyy!

Deadlifts: 15×1@100K (220#) Beltless. Tried to do them all double overhand but could only get 11 of them without switching. My thumbs were about to fall off from hookgrip, and my form felt wonky because of it. So, I chose to not destroy my hands & back for my ego. 

Accessory: Lunges 1×8 each leg. Abs, suuuuuuper slow ab wheel. 1×15


…has been awesome. I’ve decided I want to learn to tattoo… so I’m working on pulling together an amazing portfolio so I can convince a respectable tattoo artist to show me the ropes someday. We’ll see, the plan is pending a whoooole lot of drawing effort. So, for now, just drawing, drawing, drawing, and drawing.

I’ve decided to draw every card in the Tarot deck and it has been super duper fun so far 🙂 

Here is ‘The Star’


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