Weddings & Craziness

The past week of my life has been completely turned upside-down by my sister-in-law’s wedding … which was in my house/yard.

It was absolutely beautiful and super fun, but I am just about ready to pop from all the food and wine over the past week. Now that everyone has left, t’s just about time to get my shit back together. Gonna start logging again and perhaps even trying to pay attention to what’s going into my body. Crazy right?!  Since I suck at this lately I am going to make a goal to do it every day for the next fourteen days. 

Breakfast out at the diner with family: 
2 eggs poached
3 slices of bacon
1 biscuit
1/4 cup gravy
1 cup hashbrowns 

1.5 cups spaghetti 
4oz pork sausage in tomato sauce 
1/2 a tomato 
2 tbsp ground parmesan cheese 

2 baby back ribs 
1 baked potato w/ butter, vinegar, & salt
3 cups salad 

In general, I didn’t eat enough protein today, and I ate too much fatty meat. Going to actually try to work on that tomorrow. 


Thursday – Week 2, Day 2 SSPT Training Cycle

I trained with Jeff so I didn’t videotape any of these reps. Nice to have an actual set of human eyes on me for once! 

Bench: 1×8 @ 38K, 1×6 @ 40K, 4×5@44K, 1×6 @ 43K, 1×8 @ 40K 

Towel Press: 3×3 @ 45K 

Pull Ups: 5×4 (with a tiny jump)

Scarecrows: 3×12 @ 5k each arm

Saturday – Week 2, Day 3 SSPT Training Cycle

Training in my basement with 10 women arranging flowers before the wedding. CRAZY haha.  

Squats: 7×4 @ 90K Easy work. All of these felt good.  

Deficit Deadlifts: 4x3 @ 105K This was a repeat of last weeks since I accidentally did this work last week. Felt WAY easier this week! Hooray! 

Abs: 3×8 ab wheel

Dancing with children: 1 hour 😉 


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