Thursday Training Log

So, I haven’t gone grocery shopping in FAR too long, so I’ve been basically just eating Soylent the past couple days. Not gonna post the log because it’s BORING. My protein has been too low due to this, and my carbs have been too high due to the undying desire to drink beer while I draw. I need to find a replacement, because this is not a good habit :\ 

Week 1 Day 2, September – SSPT Training, for American Open

Anywaaaay training ROCKED today 🙂 Super happy with my lifting session. Bench is feeling super easy and I can’t wait to test someday because PRs are happening (but like, all I ever do is PR my bench anymore, right? Pshhhhh. not really… but kinda…compared to last year anyway.  

Bench: 6×3@82.5% 45K (100#) Super easy. 

Board Press: 3×3@50K. I could probably have done another kilo or two here for a true 8.5RPE, but… I think this is a good place to start for the cycle. I always overshoot my RPE work and end up pinned by the last week of the cycle. Roooom to groooowww Lana, room to grow 🙂 

Superset Accessory:

3 rounds 
Pendlay Rows – 8 @ 55K
Inverted Rows – 15 @ Bodyweight 
Curls for the gurls – 10 @ 20K 
Hella pumped.

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