Holy shit, What’s up dudes!?

Hey hey! Well, after a few months of pure life flipping insanity, I was feeling inspired to post here today.

So, what’s been up with me? Well, I have been pretty much living at Blaque Owl Tattoo in Missoula — attempting to get a tattoo apprenticeship with one of the awesome artists there. Nothing is official as of yet, but I am feeling really happy with my drawing progress and I feel the potential for an apprenticeship offer growing every day 🙂 It’s been really great spending time there. I am working primarily on my Tarot Card series – 78 Cards, and it has completely consumed my life. It has pushed my lifting to the back burner for the time being, and that’s alright with me. I understand that i can’t have it all, all the time. Right now, this career shift is what’s most important to me.

The Big Sky Raw Powerlifting Championship was an epic success, but was a HUGE stress for me, and honestly pushed me over the edge. My lifting went to complete shit around that time and I decided I needed to cut myself some slack and take some time to deload. I took a couple weeks to calm down and just not worry about lifting and have since been training only once or twice a week. I am pushing my numbers up every week though, and things are getting back to a good spot.

Today, I hit a 3×5@ 220 for squats, and a 5×5@110 for bench — both of which are pretty serious weights for sets of five for me. So, I am happy. I haven’t deadlifted in a while, due to the gym at my new place not being able to handle it well. BUT, I just decided to join a gym, so that I can go once a week for my heavy pulls. Slowly slowly, I am learning to manage my art/lifting obligations.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. Just wanted to post and say HI 🙂

For old times sake…. here’s a selfie, and some artwork!



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