Lana Z.

I am a competitive powerlifter based in the tiny town of Philipsburg, Montana. I lift in my basement, by myself, and it totally rocks.  I love hiking, skiing, ice-skating, getting outside, and using my strength outside of the gym as much as I can. I’m interested in the way food affects my performance, mood, and body composition and I use this blog to keep track of my progress, goals, and healthy recipes.

Personality wise, I am known for my thick skin, strong character, and brutally honest statements. Additionally I may be known for my sarcasm, wit, and well managed narcissism. (Appearance wise, I am known for my adorable freckles and her bright red hair). Outside of the kitchen/gym, I am an Architect, working at Front Inc.

My first meet – 2011: Photo Credit Lizzy Picardi

Lana’s Most Recent Stats:


  • Birthday – March 17th 1985 (St.Patty’s Day!)
  • Height – 5’6″
  • Weight – 165 lb

Current Lifting Maxes:

  • Deadlift – 308# x 1
  • Back Squat – 265# x 1
  • Bench Press – 128# x 1

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