Happy New Year!

Hey yall! So, like the rest of the internet I am pretending that new years doesn’t matter, but also coming up with new goals at the same time ūüėČ I’m going to be honest, I have fallen off the wagon BIG TIME over the past four months. I have been maintaining my bodyweight and lifts but I have not been improving¬†my physical body in any way… and that’s a bit of a bummer.

The truth is, my passion for lifting has been completely and utterly replaced with a passion for drawing and for acquiring a tattoo apprenticeship. That is my number one priority right now and I need to address that openly.¬†Making time for 2 hour lifting sessions four times a week has just not been happening — I have¬†spent the past few months implimenting a more regular life schedule and I am starting to learn where I can fit in some healthy changes. Right now, I am trying to focus on bringing in small changes and making health and fitness a regular part of my life again. Prioritizing… doable… over training.

Super basic stuff… but. That’s what I need right now.

Anyway, a week late, here is my review of last years goals, and some thoughts on moving forward with this year.

2014 Goals Review

Before getting into 2015, I wanted to review my goals from last year and see how I did.

2014 Powerlifting Goals: 

  • Squat: 275# — Hit 265# (NOPE)
  • Bench: 135# — Hit 129# (NOPE)
  • Deadlift: 315# — Hit 320# (HOORAY!)
  • Total: 725# –¬†Obviously a result of the previous (NOPE)
  • Compete and get a total in that competition – I competed in TWO¬†competitions, Including Raw Nationals! (HOORAY!)

Bodyweight & Fitness goals: (NOPE)

Literally¬†didn’t¬†even¬†achieve¬†a single one of the¬†goals for this category¬†because I stopped caring the second I wrote the list… so I’m not including it in this review. Lesson learned.

Montana Living Awesomeness:

  • Ski or Snowboard a blue route- YEP! I did a couple blacks!

  • Go on a 3 day backpacking trip in the Rockies. – This sadly never happened because Jeff (my husband and outdoor training buddy) injured his hip. Maybe this year (NOPE)

  • Complete GORUCK Missoula – This event was canceled by GORUCK¬†(NOPE)

  • Climb/hike a mountain (not sure which Mountain yet) – A couple small ones… but nothing I would really consider what I had in mind¬†(NOPE)

So yeah, while last year was TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME and I made HUGE leaps and bounds in my life in many ways, it sure looks like I didn’t achieve much from this list!

What did I learn from this?

1.) BIG OVERARCHING GOALS ARE NOT GOALS… THEY ARE DREAMS —¬†Most of the “goals” on my list¬†weren’t really goals… they were like dreams.¬†I literally achieved 3 of the things on my list because honestly, most of these things I listed were totally out of my control.¬†There is nothing wrong with having dreams, they are what keep me¬†motivated. But I need to remember that they are not going to happen just because I think about them a lot. I need to change my daily habits.

2.) SET SMALL QUANTIFIABLE GOALS TO HELP ACHIEVE DREAMS¬†– The only thing I CAN control, is my daily habits… not the overall result.

3.) LISTEN TO YOUR HEART¬†– My priorities completely shifted in May 2014 when I realized I wanted to change careers — I spent the entire second half of 2014, well, confused.¬†I was too embarrassed to admit that I gave up on my 2014 powerlifting goals, so I just disappeared from the internet. It needed to happen. Anyway I am back, I still want to be healthy, I just want to be a good artist more. This year my blog will probably be about managing my life, finding balance, and learning to be healthy, happy, and professionally successful.

4.) ADJUST DAILY HABITS¬†REGULARLY TO REFLECT DREAMS – If your priorities shift, that’s cool! Own it. But, adjust your daily habits to help become the best person you can be.

5.) RECORD & TRACK PROGRESS – I didn’t do this last year, probably because my dreams and goals weren’t well defined. I will work on doing better with this this year.


2015 Dreams

With my dreams in mind, I will be setting and adjusting my goals every 2 weeks to help me achieve what I hope to achieve in 2015. At any point, I can change my dreams (Because they are my fuckin dreams and sometimes they change!) BUT, I will make sure I am really serious about giving up on something before I do that.


I am including my career goals on my blog now, because it hugely important to me right now, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to ignore it.

  • Get¬†a tattoo apprenticeship
  • Have my artwork featured on a¬†notable¬†blog, instagram, or magazine
  • Exhibit my artwork at a gallery

Fitness & Fun

Because I know that my career is going to be taking the front seat for a while, I am setting my fitness goals accordingly. Basically, I am interested in having a fun life with my husband, and feeling confident and healthy in my body. Right now, I just want to look like a babe, feel strong and sexy, and have fun outside. I would like to¬†compete at Raw Nationals again, but I’m not sure I will be able to swing the cost of flights and stuff, so any competition will suffice. I will still be lifting to help get my bodyweight down and to maintain my level

  • Get my body-weight down to 145#
  • Maintain some muscle mass & strength!
  • Compete in 1 Powerlifting competition
  • Be able to do the splits
  • Enjoy the outdoors

Jan 4-17 Goals

So lets get this party started!


  • Draw 12 days (6x/week)
  • Tag drawings for features on Instagram
  • Edit files for 5¬†tarot drawings (2-3x/week) for portfolio

Fitness & Fun

  • Eat low carb paleo for breakfast & snacks 12 days (6x/week)
  • Stretch 12 days (6x/ week)
  • Lift 4 times (2x/week)
  • Get outside for hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing 6 times (3x/¬†week)