Mon 7/20

Today was pure insanity at work…. exhausted.


shoving a cliff bar down my throat as I ran out the door… because I slept through my alarm

Coffee w/ cream

Training – 

Squats: 7×4@150#
Bench: 6×6@75K
Deadlift: 2×3@185

Hamstring curl – 3×15@40#
Abs – 3×10 decline, 10#
Glute Bridges – 3×15@35#
Back Extensions – 3×15@35#


1 cup brown rice
3oz chicken
1/4 cup sweet potato
1/4 cup coconut sauce
little bun


Turkey, cheese, avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread


1 cup white rice
1tbsp butter
4oz pulled pork
1/2 cup cole slaw


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